Speech Therapy

A helping hand with communication problems

Are you experiencing voice, throat or swallowing difficulties? Or are there complaints such as stuttering, unclear speech, difficulty finding words or problems with forming sentences or a logical sequence? Bonnier Logopedisch Centrum can help you. This also applies to problems with hearing or listening, reading or writing.

Our speech therapists are active in prevention, research and treatment of speech, language, voice and hearing disorders and impediments. These disorders and impediments can occur among both children and adults. We offer assistance with communication problems. In order to pass on information, knowledge and feelings, normal language development and communication skills are particularly important. Language is a requirement for learning how to read, write and calculate. When problems arise in this area, it has a negative impact on our social and emotional well-being. We can offer you the necessary help in improving personal communication.

Neuro speech therapy

In the Netherlands nearly 10,000 people per year suffer from aphasia, a language disorder due to brain damage. Aphasia impacts communication, and as a consequence it affects the quality of life. After developing aphasia, most people receive speech therapy treatment and support. We are specialists in treating patients with aphasia.

In addition to aphasia, Bonnier Logopedisch Centrum also treats other neurological language, voice, speech and swallowing related disorders. The centre is associated with AfasieNet, ParkinsonNet, MS Zorg Nederland and Mimetherapeuten Nederland.

Pre-speech therapy

This treatment is for young children (0-2 years) with eating and drinking problems. Bonnier Logopedisch Centrum specialises in the treatment of children needing preverbal speech therapy.


Our centre has several speech therapists. Bonnier Logopedisch Centrum is affiliated with several professional organisations and associations, such as Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logopedie, Foniatrie and ParkinsonNet. Our speech therapists received all-round training and are specialists in neuro speech therapy and pre-speech therapy. When advised by your doctor, or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Bonnier Logopedisch Centrum has contracts with all health insurers.

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